golden state design studio was established in 2020. it is owned and operated by laurel bylin, a california native, who discovered her love of web design 5 years ago when creating a personal blog. from there her passion grew and she learned that she had a talent and growing passion for the craft. she had more fun building and customizing her website than blogging, thus she quickly ditched the blog to focus on her web design skills.


upon graduating college summa cum laude laurel quickly entered the professional work force as an office manager at a private gym that is renowned for training elite professional athletes. while there she took a break from web design but was able to hone her creative skills through many other outlets.


in 2020 laurel took an extended holiday in bali, where she lived for 6 months and rediscovered her love of web design. she used her skills to earn an income working remotely and upon her return to the US golden state design studio was born.    


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