We do not have a universal set price. The minimum cost for full service website design is $1500. Depending on your needs this rate is subject to increase. Generally our services are charged at a project rate but when necessary we use an hourly rate. If you are interested in any of the services we offer please reach out using the contact form found HERE so we can offer you a custom quote.

In addition to the agreed upon project production rate the client will be responsible for all additional fees involved in owning a website such as purchasing a domain, paying for website hosting, ect.


All of the services located on the home menu are charged as project rates. In order to calculate this cost we need to know information such as the service(s) you are needing, the type of website, the complexity of website, the pages required, and the general overall scope of work required for the project. Before beginning a project a contract will be completed with the agreed upon scope of work and cost of service. If the client makes changes to this after the contract has been completed please know it could result in additional labor fees, which will be charged at an hourly rate. 


An hourly rate is only used when a client adds additional work to a project that is currently in progress or if a client needs updates made to their website after it has been finished. The hourly rate will be made clear to the client prior to the work being completed. Upon completion the client will be presented with a report reflecting the amount of hours worked and an invoice. Payment is due upon receival of invoice. We have a 1 hour minimum, thus if the changes take less than an hour to complete you will be charged for 1 full hour.